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What people say?

She is very good! With her help, I get a very powerful insight to remodel my enterprise.
Mariya has lots of patience and clarity. She gave me space and helped to open my heart.


There is beauty and light in story of every person. We all are real heroes, coming through series of lessons in life, from pain, anger and tears to learning, growing and evolving and to happy shining state of total satisfaction similar to sun.
There are times in life when we have many doubts, feel not certain about our ability to do something or discover some obstacles.
Not all our potential is clear to us. I remember that my sister, being a teenager, very often was asking our mom before going to school: “Will all be OK?” We have this question inside our heads: “Will all be OK?”
Sometimes you need to bring more clearance and light into arising situations and need a guidance. One of the pluses of my coaching is that you see what may happen, what will most certainly happen and why, and what can you do to take this lesson at your best.

You have immensity inside, same as your thoughts can run to the most distant places on Earth, your life can move in so many different directions. We are in certain situation not because it just occasionally happened: we have created it due to some mind habits and everyday actions. These situations are lessons for us to learn and to progress. It’s just that simple: to solve any situation we should work with our consciousness. Being in a state of mind that I call “flow” means all the best possible directions and salvations for you are already present at this moment. It is the best state to learn current lessons and then bring changes to your everyday life.
Even loosing something important is not a tragedy anymore when you know practical tools and feel yourself living your true potential. You become transcendent, moving beyond who you think you were and in this state solve upcoming tasks and live your life with more peace, confidence and direction.


Where you can get with me

There is no way I would teach anybody to do anything. I am normal being and very often find myself in anger, hope or fear. The reason I do my coaching is because I discovered myself being present in a transcendent state and my ability to receive clear answers and indications what to do. They work not only for me, but also for those I can help. It is very humbling because sometimes answers are so lazer-sharp simple and the best possible at the moment. Sometimes it was the truth I could never believe before or see by myself or other person could ever tell anybody. Many people already applied these indications and had such benefits.

Clients Testimonials

"As professional in all this (phychiatrist and psychoanalyst) I am really impressed."
"When you feel yourself in a labyrinth and need to understand which way to go, Mariya helps to look at situation from above."​

What you can get with me?


  1. Clarify doubts about difficult life situations.

  2. Reduce stress level and increase clarity.

  3. Understand why something that happens with others did not happen with you.


  1. Let go connection with ex- partners.

  2. Harmonize relations with other people.

  3. Discover more about yourself.


  1. Receive information about your possibilities and chances.

  2. Discover people from your environment who wish your harm or plan evil actions. Work to prevent and dissolve this.

  3. Increase your income.

If you feel or think I can be useful for you at some point, feel free to contact me by Skype or e-mail. If I feel I can help you we will collaborate. I set the price individually for you at the exact moment.

Mariya Stepanyk

Since I was very small I love to look at people and listen to them. I learn from many persons I meet in life. Everybody has a lesson to teach: lesson of acceptation, love, dignity, confidence, loss, cheating, addiction, correct energy exchange…
I love to change: from clumsy girl to instructor of meditation in the movement. From not leaving my native town to travels all around the globe. From dating with unreachable men and suffering from loneliness to happiness being by myself and meeting my amazing partner for life-lasting adventure.
Every change was a process and had lots of ups and downs, pain of growing and joy of results, and frustration in between. I thank my great friends who are also professional coaches for their support. They gave me essential help and very clear vision of situation from above. Even though not all was easy to accept and very often I felt resistance, with time it became clear all was for the best.

Clients Testimonials

What people say?

"She does everything gentle way but her power is incredible."
“I am rather lighthouse than a lifeboat. I don’t rescue people but show them a safe way to shore”

Mariya Stepanyk

Where is your Shore?