Lighting the way to financial freedom & beyond

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Our Mission

To serve clients in their best interest by coaching them to their wealth goals with improved financial literacy.

A staggering 70 percent of wealthy families lose their wealth by the next generation, with 90 percent losing it in the generation after that. Obtaining and sustaining substantial wealth takes a trip through the 5 Levels of Financial Wealth. Let me be your travel guide!

Levels of Financial Wealth

Financial Stability

This is the stage where you can pay your bills! 40% of Americans struggle to pay for basic needs, so being able to comfortably cover expenses is a great first step.

Financial Strategy

The financial strategy typically involves identifying financial goals, such as paying off debt, saving for retirement or a down payment on a home, and creating a plan to achieve those goals.

Financial Security

At this stage, you don’t sweat the small stuff. You have confidence that your financial strategy and life are in a good place.

Financial Freedom

This is the level of wealth most people aspire to reach. At this stage, you can do what you want, when you want, how you want.

Financial Abundance

Money doesn’t restrict you anymore. You have additional freedom to vision plan and decide what kind of purpose and legacy you want to leave.

At this stage, your army of dollar bills has a plan beyond simple cash reserves. Now is the time to make sure your money is working for you through investment tools like Roth IRAs and 401(K)s.

Just as a chain is only as strong as the weakest link…The financial advice you get is only as good as the integrity of the person guiding you.

When you learn to value yourself, your relationship with money will change…and that’s the change that really matters!

How many financial advisors are willing to be transparent with you about their own finances? How much are they making off of their relationship with you? Are they TRULY fiduciaries?

I know that I am successful when you don’t NEED me anymore, but CHOOSE to have me manage your wealth. My goal is to teach you how to manage your own finances because YOU are the best financial advisor you will ever find. I am here to help you grow so that you can create generational wealth… not just financially, but in every area of wealth in your life.