Lighting the way to financial freedom & beyond


We highly recommend Lighthouse Wealth Coaching.  Njeri is knowledgeable and takes considerable interest in the well-being of her clients.  She took the time to understand our goals and was able to give us the tools to improve our financial outlook.

Her business model is not commission based, so she is able to think outside the box to offer a variety of options and plans that are designed to place client needs first. She is passionate about helping clients become financially literate and ultimately achieve their dreams.

She provided full-service wealth coaching including a detailed analysis of our current financial standing and gave us the road map on how to achieve our long-term goals.  She also provided practical advice on retirement planning and big-ticket purchases.

Njeri is well versed in business as well as personal financial management.  She freely shares her wisdom and insight and goes above and beyond for her clients.  You won’t be disappointed.

Lighthouse Wealth Coaching is a true testament to comprehensive financial customer service. Njeri is an advocate for financial health and wellbeing and is eager to share her signature definitions of overall wealth building. Her sage advice to grow and maintain a healthy relationship with money stem from past experiences as a single mom, divorcee, entrepreneur and an accredited investor which forges a proven track record for best practices. She has been sensitive to my individual needs and goals and helped me to understand my own risk tolerance and establish basic routines that were easy to adopt and satisfactorily set my focus on realistic expectations for retirement, thoughts of funding my child’s education, and how best to maximize my current income.

As a kid or a young adult, I was not given much education on how to manage money. I recall when I got my first job, my mother told me to make sure that I put money in my 401K. I did not know what it meant, and all I knew was that I had a general idea of not spending more than I could afford to spend and that I needed to save for my future.

When I met Njeri, she was leaps and bounds ahead of what I understood about money and I was impressed by how much she had amassed as a single mom. I was not doing bad; I had a good-paying job, a great credit score, a nice house, a rental house and a nice car. What I soon learned was that I could not really afford the nice house and the nice car, if I really wanted to have the future lifestyle that I said that I wanted. I was recently divorced and wanted to have nice things, but I also wanted to have a family.

I am blessed to call Njeri my wife, and I have the beautiful family that I wanted. I had the great idea of trusting Njeri with managing our money and she has done amazing things. I feel comfort knowing that she keeps and eye on our investments and forecasts where we are heading, and she keeps us updated on the important documents that we need to have for our family to be secure. With the network of great people that she has maintained, we have everyone around us that we need, and that gives me the peace that I have always wanted.

Njeri’s initials were N.A.G when I met her,  and she has nagged me in all of the right ways to make sure that we have our estate planning in order and have our family set up for success. The way Njeri cares about cares about seeing others prepared for the challenges that may come up in their family and that they are heading in the right direction with their management is what reminds me that she is doing what God has meant for her to do. Money management is a talent for Njeri and her heart for others is a blessing for those that she impacts and those that seek her for help. Lighthouse Wealth Coaching is Njeri’s passion and she is determined to help as many people as possible to create and pass along generational wealth through families. As I have put my trust in her abilities, I highly recommend that you do the same. I am confident that she will guide you in the best direction.